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    ZOMAKE is a Hong Kong-based cultural and art derivatives development and operation service organisation. ZOMAKE provides one-stop derivatives brand planning, image design, product development, channel operation and licensing services for animation, film, television, games, celebrities, KOLs, MCNs, designers, corporations and other cultural and creative IP rights holders, as well as linking up with offline commercial spaces to realise in-depth experiences and interactions between users and cultural and creative brands. In addition, the company creates more enjoyable daily consumer products and lifestyles for the public.

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    ZOMAKE has served more than 1300 famous IP copyright owners, enterprises, commercial properties and independent designer brands at home and abroad, such as Korea Hooligan Rabbit, Japan Kumamoto Bears, Ultraman, Taiwan YoYo Card Company, Taiwan 17 live broadcasting platform, Taiwan National Palace Museum, Mossack Fonseca Hong Kong, Baozou Comics, Shocking Culture, 12Culture, Cannonball, Lou's Group, Gossip and Gossip Growth Association, Leshi Pictures, Sanya Phoenix Island, Shenzhen Coastal City, Jiu Fang Shopping Centre, COCO PARK, Tencent, Vipshop, 36Kr and more than 1,300 famous IP copyright holders, enterprises, commercial properties and independent designer brands at home and abroad, and will gradually enter the European and American markets.

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    Kumamoto Bear was originally designed to bring more tourism and other additional revenue to Kumamoto Prefecture as a mascot, and was awarded the title of Kumamoto Prefecture's Minister of Sales and Minister of Happiness in 2011, making it Japan's first mascot civil servant.

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    Rage Comic

    Baozou Comics , abbreviated as "Baozou Comics" , or "Terrier Comics" in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, is a kind of open-ended comics popularized by the Internet, which is usually based on the theme of daily life stories and joke segments, and consists of simple comics through simple hand-drawn facial expressions.

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